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Skagen Day ticket (12 hours)

Picture of Skagen Day ticket (12 hours)

With this ticket you can travel for 12 hours with bus route 1 in Skagen

Take a bus trip in Skagen with route 1 and visit all the local attractions such as Grenen, the Buried Church and The harbor among other popular tourist destinations.

The ticket is valid for free traveling with route 1 on the date of boarding the bus.

Please note that a paying adult (from the age of 16) or senior citizen (+65) can bring up to two children, under the age of 12, for free on buses and trains, and that a paying child, under the age of 16, can bring a child, under the age of 12, for free on the buses and trains. Drivers and ticket inspectors may ask you to document your age.

50,00 kr.€6.72
0,00 kr.