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Further information:

For status updates about planned works, delays etc. visit NordjyllandsTrafikselskab.dk. For live real time information visit NTlive.dk
There is no travel guarantee for groups of 8 people or more, unless the journey is booked 5 weekdays in advance. NT does not offer transportation for groups of 50 people or more. When traveling by busses within Aalborg Municipality, it is not possible to make reservations for less than 30 travelers.
Groups of 8 or more, who are traveling with DSB, can use NT’s group tickets for journeys within the NT tariff area but are required to buy seat reservations for everyone in the group. Seat reservations are purchased at DSB.dk.
Bicycle tickets can ONLY be used on Nordjyske Jernbaners trains, and is not valid on DSB trains. A bicycle ticket is only valid with another travel ticket and follows its time- and zone validity.
If the train/bus is delayed, you may be entitled to travel guarantee. Read more at NordjyllandsTrafikselskab.dk.
Go to NordjyllandsTrafikselskab.dk for further conditions and travel regulations. 

You can also buy your bus- and train ticket in our app NT Tickets. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.

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